2022 Chinese multi-modal audio/video dataset

Introducing the 2022 Chinese Multi-modal Audio/Video Dataset

 800 people Across 7 Emotions: The Definitive Multi-expression Facial dataset and Audio Recognition Dataset

"2022 800 Chinese Multi-modal Audio/Video Dataset", capturing facial imagery dataset and audio dataset recordings from 800 diverse individuals, spanning both genders.

Witness the granularity as subjects express 7 distinct emotions - natural, happy, disgust, surprise, fearful, angry, and sad. Each emotion is represented by 10 sentences, summing up to an impressive 70 sentences per subject, utilizing 2 smartphones - one dedicated to video and another to audio - alongside a specialized microphone for pristine audio capture. Each data point has been manually aligned, ensuring unmatched accuracy for your facial and audio recognition endeavors. Dive into a comprehensive, multi-expression facial dataset solution, and position yourself at the AI industry's forefront.

Data Name2022 Chinese multi-modal audio/video dataset
IPR OwnershipSurfingtech
Quantity800 ID
Captured Devicesmartphone, mic
Details (each person)there are 7 emotions, and for each emotion, subject speak 10 sentences. There are 70 sentences for each subject.  There are 3 devices:  1 smartphone recording video+1 smartphone recording audio+1 mic recording audio, and aligned manually.