2022 Chinese emotional face movement dataset

Empowering AI with Precision: 2022 Chinese Multi-modal Audio/Video Dataset

800 Individuals, 7 Emotions: The Pinnacle of Facial and Audio Recognition

As a leading data provider, we proudly unveil our "2022 800 Chinese Multi-modal Audio/Video Dataset". Dive into the depth of human emotions with facial imagery and clear audio recordings from 800 diverse individuals across both genders.

Subjects articulate 7 distinct emotions: natural, happy, disgust, surprise, fearful, angry, and sad, with 10 sentences representing each emotion, totaling 70 sentences per individual. Recorded using advanced technology - two smartphones and a dedicated microphone - each data entry has been meticulously aligned. With this comprehensive facial and audio dataset solution, elevate your AI applications to new heights.

Data Name2022 Chinese emotional face movement dataset
IPR OwnershipSurfingtech
Quantity800 ID
Captured Devicesmart phone APP: Live Link Face
Details (each person)

there are 7 emotions, and for each emotion, subject speak 10 sentences. There are 70 sentences for each subject.

70 videos are recorded by live link face App, and one sentence in one video.

The sentences are in Chinese